Better Organization = Better Outcomes

The more organized you are, the better your outcome.

As your life continues on its new path, you’ll find having the instant
 ability to securely store and categorize supportive data will become
more and more important.
You’ll need to prove your financial investment. That includes all the
costs that you cover, from transportation to housing, healthcare and
household goods all the way to incidentals and gifts. LegalLogs
allows you to track transactions when it’s convenient for you.
Tracking events and communications will occur that prove
negligence or an uncooperative attitude. Log it all.

How LegalLogs Works

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Secure Storage

Start saving your texts, emails, documents, receipts and calendar events. Media files up to 10MB can be effective supportive evidence. Everything is encrypted for security and stored.

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Self Serve

You’ve been building your case and now it’s time get ready with dynamic organizational tools and forms. Easily click and drag elements to create a timeline in HTML or PDF for sharing.

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Attorney Access

It’s time for you and your attorney to prepare you case together, 24/7/365. With secure document sharing, task lists and the proper forms and filings, LegalLogs will get you prepared for the best possible outcome.

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“Thank you so much!
I had to file an emergency order
at the court house…I could not have
done it without your program!  

~J., 2016.


Bcc from your phone, tablet or computer and all your emails are instantly saved, sorted and searchable. Add category tags to organize all related correspondence.


With ample storage you can save lengthy documents, photographs and even video and sound files. Screenshots of text messages and social media feeds are essential pieces of evidence.

Social Media Capture

Stop cyberbullying in its tracks. Our Social Media capture feature allows you document online attacks to protect yourself and the ones you love.

Journal Entries

If it’s on your mind, get it in your log and get on with your life! Patterns form over time, and repeated behaviors are used to create your case’s story. Click and drag relevant elements together to easily relate what matters.

Calendar Events

Create your timeline by adding one event at a time or importing events from other systems. Category tags and people involved can develop a clear recollection of the event.


Track Expenses, Income, Assets and Liabilities right at the point of sale and sync them to court ready documents and forms. Our detailed tutorials will guide you every step of the way.