Q: Is LegalLogs the same as having a lawyer?

A: LegalLogs is not professional legal advice. LegalLogs is a tool that was made with the support and guidance of family law, mental health and financial advisory professionals. We used our own personal experiences and frustrations to design a helpful tool to make this tricky time easier.

Q: Do I have to upgrade?

A: You can get a lot out of our free version of LegalLogs. It can store your data, give you a quick solution to organizing “on the go” communications and activities, and allow you to simply get on with your life. Our users report an increase in positive feelings toward their former spouse due to using LegalLogs as an alternative option to reacting out of fear, anger or sadness.

Q: The free version is great for saving my emails and stuff but what if I need to get ready for my case?

A: Self-Serve for LegalLogs can help you with that. Our Dynamic Docs feature allows you to look at all of your data at once so you can decide what is important and what is inconsequential. We have an easy click-and-drag Binder Builder organization feature to help you build the order of your case. Our Task Master will help you stay on task and prepared. And the Financial Toolbox will help you fill out your forms so you can file for child-support and alimony.

Q: I have been building my case by myself, but now my ex is totally changing the game on me and has an attorney. What do I do?

A: LegalLogs is all set to help you and your attorney work seamlessly in realtime, simultaneously on your case. With one click, your attorney will see everything that you have saved and prepared to save your attorney time and YOU money.

Q: That sound really helpful, but I don’t even have an attorney yet! Help!

A: When it comes to finding an attorney, trust is a major factor. LegalLogs attorneys have been vetted through our accreditation system to ensure they have your best outcome in mind. One of our attorneys told her client, “Your fees could put my child through private school, but I bet you’d like to put your own children through private school.” LegalLogs can help.

Q: Sometimes I feel so alone, what’s wrong with me?

A: Nothing. You are going through a loss and it’s a hard one. Be gentle with yourself and give yourself time to heal. Our Ecosystem is here to offer solutions to some unforeseen issues that divorce can create. If you need a new mattress, a personal trainer, a new daycare, or need to downsize, our Ecosystem of sensitive professionals can help you out. Visit our blog and social media outlets to find like-minded people and advice in finding YOUR new normal.

Q: Why can’t I just use Dropbox to store my data?

A: Dropbox is a great product for personal and business use but it comes up short when it comes to legal matters. For the same price as a single user account for Dropbox, you can have the added family law specific bonuses of 24/7/365 access for you AND your attorney. No need to worry about sending over multiple data links. Instead of just 1TB of storage, LegalLogs offers nearly unlimited storage. You can upload photos videos and media-based evidence without worrying about running out of space. Instead of just little more than a cloud drive, LegalLogs’ task lists, financial forms and other tools guide you to stay on task, on target and on point. 

Q: Wow, it looks like you put a lot of time into getting this right. Did you?

A; *blush* Awww, shucks. We strive everyday to learn from our missteps and try to help you avoid them.

If you have a question about LegalLogs, you might not be alone. Email us at support@legallogs.com.